The Gibson Covered Bridge crosses the Brandywine Creek on Harmony Hill Road at U.S. Route 322, Downingtown, PA Chester County Trail Club
PO Box 2056
West Chester, PA 19380-0081
Founded in 1970
The Gibson Covered Bridge crosses the Brandywine Creek on Harmony Hill Road at U.S. Route 322, Downingtown, PA

Depending upon, and being guided by, COVID-19 Stay at Home and/or Social Distancing restrictions in place that are applicable on July 1, 2020 and afterward, the Chester County Trail Club (CCTC) anticipates beginning Club-sponsored hikes and other activities in July, on or after after July 1st.

Considering COVID-19 restrictions, CCTC's Board of Directors has adopted a set of requirements for the Club, for the Club's Hike Leaders, and for individuals participating in Club activities. A document listing those requirements is on the CCTC Documents page of the Club's Website (

The Club will publish both Public and Members Only versions of the Third Quarter 2020 (July-August-September) Hiking Schedule sometime during the last two weeks of June. Further updated announcements will appear on the Club’s Website, and informational e-mail will be sent to Club members as the date of July 1st approaches and afterward as COVID-19 circumstances dictate.

Chester County Trail Club History

The Chester County Trail Club began in the fall of 1970 as a casual "get together" among friends in the West Chester area who were interested in finding company for their Sunday afternoon walks. An ad was placed in the local newspaper asking anyone interested to meet and explore the possibility of walking together. Almost thirty fresh air enthusiasts arrived one Sunday afternoon in late September and the Chester County Trail Club was born.

The Club took its first "walk" in Tyler Arboretum on Sunday afternoon, October 4, 1970. For awhile CCTC met every Sunday in the parking lot of the Daily Local News. When the club began to list its weekly events in the newspaper inviting anyone interested to join, membership quickly increased. Within a few years, the group had established a meeting schedule, a constitution and by-laws and charged an annual dues of two dollars per year. Since it was established the club has grown from 30 hikers to several hundred members and the dues have increased to fifteen dollars per year per membership.

Although hiking is the main activity of the club, the members are also concerned with environmental issues, conservation, ecology and hiking education. Members are educated about safety on the trail, proper dress and footwear, water consumption guidelines and back-packing know-how.

Trail maintenance and work hikes are included on every hike schedule. CCTC volunteers maintain a nine mile section of the Horse-Shoe Trail, a twenty-five mile section of the Brandywine Trail, a six mile section of the Mason-Dixon Trail and the entire twenty-one miles of the Mid-County Trail in Chester County.

In 1991, CCTC joined with other civic minded groups in the Adopt-a-Highway Program and "adopted" a 2.4 mile section of PA Route 322; since then, CCTC changed its Adopt-a-Highway location to the US 202 northbound exit ramp to PA Route 322 west(Downingtown). A clean-up day is scheduled each quarter.

Chester County Trail Club maintains a full schedule of hiking events, offering morning hikes each Tuesday, day hikes on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and afternoon hikes on Thursday and Sunday. During the summer, there is an evening hike each Wednesday in Valley Forge Park. Once a month a full moon hike is scheduled along the Struble Trail. Each year CCTC also sponsors longer hiking trips that take members to many distant trails.

Club members also enjoy many social gatherings such as the annual banquet that honors those who have hiked the most miles during the year.