Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Click on the question to reveal its answer. If you do not see your question, use the appropriate Contact Us button at the bottom of the page to email your inquiry.


1. Where can I log in to the website?

There are several ways to access the member log in. A log in button is located at the top of every main menu page. There are also log in forms on the Join/Renew and Member Section pages. A prompt to log in also appears anytime an attempt is made to access a part of the website that is for CCTC members only. Use the email address you provided when you joined CCTC.

2. How do I log in to the website?

Use the email address you provided when you joined CCTC and the temporary password you received by email. Click Log In and accept the terms of use for the website. You can change your password by clicking the Change password link that appears beside the link to your profile (your name) after you log into the site.

3. Do I have to log in?

Logging in means you can view member-only content and perform self-service functions such as updating your profile, paying invoices, and renewing your membership. Member-only content includes: full hiking schedule (member only and open-to-the-public); multi-day trips; CCTC documents and a direct link to purchase CCTC apparel.

4. What if I forgot my password?

Click the Forgot password link that appears beside the Login button on the login form or login screen. On the screen that appears, enter your email address and special code form the gray box. Click the Submit button. An email will be sent to the address you entered with a link you can click to change your password. For security reasons, the link will expire within 24 hours of the message being sent.

5. I'm having trouble viewing some content.

First: Log in. Some content is protected and viewable by members only.
Second: Make sure your browser is up to date. Supported browsers include Google Chrome (ver. 38 or higher), Firefox (ver. 27 or higher), Microsoft Edge (all versions), Safari (ver. 12 or higher with OS X 10.9 Mavericks or higher). If you do not see your browser listed, consider switching to one that is, in order to improve your user experience.

Hike Calendar

1. Why are the calendar events different colors?

The colors respond to the type of event listed as follows:
Gold hike, repeats weekly
Blue hike, non-repeating
Dark Green multi-day hikes and backpacking trips
Light Green Board of Directors Meeting or other special event
Red trail work hike
Yellow full moon hike
Orange Adopt-A-Highway cleanup
Purple last minute additions
Gray canceled events
Pink limited number of participants, registration is required
Brown adventure hike

2. How do I register for a limited participant hike?

Log into the website. Click on the calendar listing for the hike you wish to register for. On the Event details page, click the register button. (The button will only be available during the open registration dates listed for the hike and until the participant limit has been reached.) On the next screen, check to make sure your email address is shown in the box, then click next. The next page will display your name and email address, click next. The next page will ask you to confirm your registration. Once you click confirm, the page will display a confirmation receipt stating that your registration is complete, and you will be sent an email with the hike details.

General Info

1. Can I bring my dog along?

Dogs are not permitted on hikes unless permission is specifically granted in a hike write-up.

Member Related

1. Where are the Quarterly Announcements?

Quarterly Announcements can be found on the Member Hiking Schedule page. Once you log in, hover on the Home tab to open the sub-menu. Click on Member Hiking Schedule to open the page. Announcements follow the calendar. There is a quick-link in the paragraph above the calendar.

2. How do I renew my membership?

Log in. Click on your name (in the upper right hand corner of the webpage) to access your Member Profile. You will see your renewal date listed in the Membership Details section. Click the gray button to begin the renewal process. Follow the prompts.

3. What is the "Avatar" field listed on my member profile?

An avatar is generally a picture or illustration that a person uses to represent them online. It can be used as a profile picture for forums, blogs or directories. CCTC's website does not currently support those features but you can still upload a picture to show on your personal profile by using the edit profile feature.

4. My Bundle Member page says that member is archived. What does that mean?

If your bundle member is an inactive hiker, the Club may "archive" that member to help keep our website contact list within our allowed limits. Our website costs are associated with total contacts, not total paid membership numbers. While dual members count as 1 membership, they are actually 2 contacts. Members who are archived by CCTC are always welcome to hike with the Club! If you think your bundle member was archived in error, please email the Membership Chair using the Contact button at the bottom of this page.

5. Why don't I have any Lifetime Mileage?

Lifetime Mileage is updated once per year and posted to your account in November. If you have been a member longer than 1 year and you do not have any accumalated "lifetime mileage" please reach out using any of the "Contact" buttons at the bottom of this page.

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